Chapter 1 Invasion

Once upon a time…
…the world was separated into two massive countries
Both countries lived together in peace for hundreds of years
… but
around the turn of the last century Ricasso began to decline, they became decadent and immoral
Victoria did as well, growing arrogant and attempting to control the world through its large economic power

Ricasso responded to Victoria’s power with national pride and occupied a small town divided along their borders.

War broke out between the two superpowers
A war began that lasted 10 years on and off, and eventually states on both sides fed up with war seceded from both countries. Viktoria broke up into 3 countries: Caledon, Victoria and Lavitania
while Ricaso seperated into 4: Ricaso, Fetz, Ivano Solva, and Jovia.

After 12 years of hostilities there was a treaty, forced upon Victoria and Ricaso by the Neutral Seperatist countries, and led by the Small Republic of Fetz which had formed from the original town that Ricaso had invaded.

Fetz has since emerged as a state that celebrates Peace, Love, and Freedom for both Victorians and Ricassans. But there were those on both sides that began to loathe the independent little nation.

Nearly 50 years had passed since the treaty was signed…
Opposed to Ricaso’s moral decline a purist organization formed called the National Socialist Purist Party, the government of Ricaso dismissed them.
Then it happened…

The NSPP launched a massive terrorist attack on the Ricassan government stronghold of Moztown. Nearly 3,000 NSP members ran through the streets killing anyone they saw, and eventually stormed the legislature. The entire government was wiped out and allowed the NSPP’s leader Victor Vazenski to seize the crown…

After it was over nearly 100,000 Ricassans were dead, and Moztown was burned to the ground.
Ricasso was now a dictatorship.

Zourier Vazenski rebuilt his capital Simevonovera as a modern fortress and began his plans…

His army would be large and powerful, modern and well equipped…

The world would be one nation under him…

and his first target was the nation of Fetz

this is were the story begins…